Monday, October 22, 2007

Clara Forced to Leave Her Home a 2nd Time !

The First time was in August 1965 After Fidel Castro took power in Cuba and nationalized all private properties. Dr. Fernandez and Clara's Private Clinic and newly built home was nationalized by the new goverment of fidel Castro.

The reason today why Clara had to leave her home was a little bit different but feels every bit as oppressive.

Un known to the family and with no advanced notice given to Clara's family a stranger was chosen as a guardian to manage Clara finances and he quickly billed himself for the totality of Clara's social security income, he claims that he was ordered to do so by the court and was only following the court's order.

With no money coming into Clara's account which paid for her utilities
the account was quickly depleted and overdrawn.

Clara's caregivers chose to leave the house rather than subject Clara to further humility and to take spite from the harassment of 18 page legal bill's being addressed to her.

Clara's beloved Villa Clarita which was taken over by Fidel Castro forcing her to leave her home as a immigrant to Spain then later to America.

Today Clara at 89 years old faces having being forced out of her home once more. The guardian's attorney had said to us through the previous court appointed guardian, than in the face of rapidly mounting legal bills due to the forced guardianship imposed on her and her family , that her house could be liened and face a forced sale. Are these the actions of attorneys that are billing themselves out of her cash flow , really looking out for Clara?

None of the previous efforts by former guardians to recover the Certificates of Deposits, Bonds, moneys in trading accounts or other real estate property taken from her trust has been successful and Clara now faces a very uncertain future.

If you speak with any neighboors or anyone that has known the Fernandez family , they can only shake their heads in disbelief that a guardianship which is to be used only as a last resort , has been imposed on Clara for purely financial reasons and that the once financially independent elder has been forced from her home and dependant on the generosity of family and friends which has been abundant to keep her safe and preserve the last vestige of independence that she now enjoys.

Dr. Fernandez and Clara who were very much in love until at age 87 they were forcefully separated for purely financial reasons, Clara was abused and incapacitated, and returned to her husband in a wheelchair. Dr Fernandez died shortly after being re united with Clara from the stress of the situation.

During the 20 years that Dr. Fernandez practiced medicine in Key West he received many recommendations =>> from the government, law enforcement agencies, and state agencies, ironically these same agencies could not help him to take back his wife in order to see her again before he died.

.Dr. Fernandez with his beloved Clara circa 1947

Dr. Fernandez and Clara in the Key West home they built with sweat,tears and sacrifices , their family felt compelled to leave recently in spite of having all the bills current and paid right up until the time that a forced guardianship was forced upon her family and the bills started to go delinquent.
It was really hard to have to leave our beautiful home of 31 years, many thanks for the people who worked with me so hard to re build the house after Hurricane Wilma.

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