Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Elder Abuse!!! Don't Let it Happen to Someone You Love.


Anonymous said...

This is great --- people don't know about guardianship abuse until it's too late. Guardian/attorney tag teams are a subculture of our society preying on the vulnerable. We have to stop the financial and emotional rape of the elderly and vulnerable. Please join the call for reform: the National Association to STOP Guardian Abuse.

Anonymous said...

My father in law had Alzheimer's when his wife died in 2003, and a lawyer rewrote Dad's will, giving everything to a realtor. A month later, a judge declared dad incompetent and a guardian was appointed.

The guardian continued to allow the realtor and attorney access to Dad, who had convinced Dad that his daughters were out hurt him.

When Dad died in Nov., 2005, we were forced into a will contest that continues to this day.

Anonymous said...

I have going to make a documentary... where do you live? I also have a public access show in NY which I am going to use to spread the word... lets talk
Annie (631) 549-5665