Thursday, October 11, 2007

Congress Forgetting Its Primary Duty

The United States Congress is sworn to protect the people. Why is it then that each year these illustrious members of the House and Senate continue to find wild geese to chase. I’m so very tired of hearing about the 8 fired lawyers. Most lawyers deserve to get fired, in my experience. And now Republican Senator Chuck Hagel is suggesting the possibility of impeachment for President Bush.

Hello, Congress! We’ve got Mexican illegals invading the USA. We’ve got Islamic terrorists planning to murder our children, and you people want to continue playing power-broker games in Washington like a pack of spoiled French Royalists from back in the Marie Antoinette era. It’s nothing less than contemptible.

We need term limits on everyone. No more than 9 years after 2 or 3 elections and then you’re out.

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