Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't Become Victimized Twice

Like both of our parents, who paid for it dearly .

Dr. Fernandez with an embargo into his medications, the overdrawn of his bank accounts by a family member , which led to accounts being closed with auto pay cut off for his basic utilities and living expenses.

The isolation of his wife of 53 years leading to depression, mental despair and ultimately his death , three (3) days after a hearing was held to return Clara G. Fernandez to him. Clara was forceful returned after a raid by West Palm Beach Sheriff Officers brought her home to Key West to be reunited with her husband who died shortly afterwards from the stress of the situation.

Clara was returned to us in a wheelchair and severely incapacitated, all her accounts, Certificate of deposits, Bond, Stocks, Real Estate was transferred out of her name during her captivity which led to her internment in up to 5 nursing facilities in order to keep her hidden from her family.

Even today officials in charge of keeping our elders safe continue to play the "Family Blame Game" calling it a family quarrel , even though ample evidence exists otherwise and the paper trail is obvious and troublesome not only from, Clara but from other widows whose properties were also transferred out of their names, there by circumventing their wills,probate and directly benefiting the same people who held Clara in their house In communicated and estranged from her husband during the time her assets were dissipated, laundered and made to disappear.

We said " How could this happen in the U.S.A. ? and put our trust of the future of our one remaining surviving and traumatized (Post Stress Syndrome) parent now incapacitated in the courts hands, this could now appears to have been a colossal mistake that has led to endless court hearings and further victimization by the court appointed guardian and his attorney who maintain an adversarial relationship with Clara's family and hence by proxy with Clara herself.

Clara and her caregivers have now moved to a neighbors house (across the street) in an effort to protect her from the constant intrusions, 18 pages legals bills, attempts to charge her caregivers for Clara's bills in order to cut them off cut them off at the knees and the non payment of her most essentials bills, such as utilities and her credit line and other obligations that Clara as a very active business lady had entered into before her abduction and incapacitation.

WE hope that by making these details of our innermost private lives public that a record be created as to "Man's inhumanity to Man" and serve as a warning to other elders and their families that are going through a similar nightmare, other families who have written us and feel our pain because they also trusted in the officials in charge of protecting our elders and got something a little different than what they expected or deserved.

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