Friday, October 26, 2007

Kidnapping Imprisoning and Abuses of U.S.Children & Elders for Profit


This report is at first hand hard to believe and easy to dismiss until you consider what Dr. Fernandez went through when his wife was removed from him on no legal grounds whatsoever and purely for financial reasons and not allowed to see or visit her.

Dr. Fernandez was given NO explication why his wife of 58 years was taken from his side. A legal battle ensued for Dr . Fernandez , costing thousands and taking 12 months before he saw her agan after she was improperly taken.

He suffered in silence until three (3) days after a judge permanently returned his wife to him in a Motion To Determine Residency.

Then he died because of the stress of the situation. People really do get away with murder, kidnapping, pillaging, raping, as long as there is money in it for somebody. And this is no longer acceptable to the civilized people of the world.

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