Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Will Cries of the Elderly and Their Families For Help Go Un Heeded.- Will The Almighty Dollar Rule?

by Barbara Morris

My mother, as many elderly, was devastated, separated from her husband and family and forced to stay in assisted living, against her will. Her pleading cries to go home ignored.

Court appointed attorneys, and assisted living owner and other officials in charge of the welfare of our elders have waged a ‘campaign of hostility’ against family members, both in and out of court.

She has kept caretakers away all hours of the night, for over a year, with her devastation.
My mother has been dangerously over medicated to control her distress and sleep habits. Both parents have fallen, in assisted living, needing many stitches to the head wounds.

Court appointed attorneys are making thousands of dollars from my parents’ estate. The bank accounts are empty, and other resources depleted from assisted living and attorneys.

The isolation from the family is cruel and inhumane, both for my parents and the siblings.

My battle to care for my own mother is with Howard County, MD case # 13C06065742

All Maryland cases at website:

Barbara Morris (407-262-1599)
"Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy."-Gustav Gilbert (prison

"Most evil is not by design, it's by default." -Brian Cox, Hermann Goering

Thank You Barbara , thank you for writing in to E.A. baring your soul and feeling forced to share your families most intimate details before very difficult circumstances in the faint hope that somone will care for what your and your parents are going through and do something that will perhaps make a difference .

Just when I think I have no more tears, I read about your mother and father and I can see my own father an mother before their abuse and forced separation , happy together, vibrant, in love and filled with live still at 87 years old . So I inserted their pictures because when I hear your story, I see theirs.

Just when I think I have no more tears I read about your father and mother and it starts all over again.

How could this happen, How could the dollar wield so much power ? How could there be so much empathy ? Who has the right to play God , to separate families, husbands and wives ? What happened to our family values? Does being a family even matter anymore!

Our culture has lost it's moral compass, how will this moral vacuum be filled? Are our corrupt and decaying morals even worth fighting for anymore?

Is there anyone that can or will help ? God forgive me for if this is the best that we have to offer and can look foward to during our old age , I am rapidly losing my faith in the human race and this civilization to redeem itself.

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