Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's Something That Just Can't Be Swept Under The Carpet."

Business Matters by P.H. Harston .- Parents are living longer and their care costs are rising and raising young children is as hectic as it ever was.

And then there's a new trend, according to T.E. Wealth's senior vice-president Sam Chinniah.
Chinniah, whose company is a financial consultancy and wealth management firm with offices across the country, says he's seeing a rise in elder abuse and intra-family squabbles as the Sandwich Generation grows.

"It's happening more and more often and it's disturbing. It's something that just can't be swept under the carpet."

Family fights run the gamut, from arguing over who gets to -- or has to -- look after mom or dad, to why there isn't any inheritance left after mom and dad are buried, to who should be in charge of assets to ensure one sibling doesn't run off with the "loot."

The abuse ranges from elderly parents not being given enough money with which to properly live to one or both not being looked after properly in their children's homes to theft of assets and worse.

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