Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Florida Statute Regarding Guardian/Atty. Fees for Work Done

by LoriD The FLorida statutes regarding guardian and attorney fees for work done for ward -- supposedly for ward -- does not explain very well the difference between legal and nonlegal work. The fees which a corrupt judge awards, generally rubber stamped, tend to be excessive; not reasonable. Neither does it provide for service of copies of fee billings to family. It is very vague and needs fixing. One must question whether the judge's award makes findings on the questions raised in the statute.There is no accountability in the guardian system, despite all the lip service from the powers that be.That's why we must turn our attention to legislation, with the help of the LoriD


744.108 Guardian's and attorney's fees and expenses.--

(1) A guardian, or an attorney who has rendered services to the ward or to the guardian on the ward's behalf, is entitled to a reasonable fee for services rendered and reimbursement for costs incurred on behalf of the ward.

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Anonymous said...

Your RE friends say, "Location, location, location." I say, "Legislation, legislation, legislation."