Thursday, October 11, 2007

It is Unbelievable That When it's Time For The Authorities To Act, They Shy Away

Our hearts go out to the author. It is unbelievable that when it's time for the authorities to act, they shy away.This is an elder abuse case that has evidence reported and posted. Why delay and make the victim and her family suffer!Time to get to the bottom of it, folks. The rest of the world are watching.Sorry, but I feel frustrated in reading the reports over again.PLEASE DO SOMETHING. Jon Thorne
Thanks for writing all the way from Australia Jon the problem with our society Jon is that is proactive, we have to have a body ! by the time they realized they should have done something to help Clara it will be too late, she is going without now, her medicine have been cut to every other day, Clara probably doesn't have long to live, especially under such stress, we went through more of the same with Dr. Fernandez the embargo was cruel, he died three days after seeing his wife win a three year court Battle to come home to key West, for what? I ask, now that she having to make alternate plans to leave her home, since there is no body that can or would help her.

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