Saturday, October 20, 2007

Letters to Editor Saturday September 22

Hi Buddy

I'm sorry to say that you have been pull into my fight.

The xxxxx xxxxxxx Site was put up because I have all the evidence given me by the victim.

Following a recent email from a so-called "close caring friend of the family" I was accused of putting up a site based on "lies and deceits".

Instead of proving that my information were wrong, they have hired someone to hack into all my blogs and even my email.

I believe they have even tried to do the same on yours.


Yes I we have the site under constant attack , had to re built the site ,colors, links and typeset and some articles were taken down. If you notice something unusal please E mail me . There have a number of sites that have been hacked, especially of people who cooperate with us. The authorities have been notified and they have gotten some I.P numbers that I want to compare with the individuals that sabotaged yours.

Recently a copy of E.A. site was entered into evidence at a court hearing in an attempt to get a contempt of court against the editor of E.A. it seems that sites talk about elder abuse are not too popular now a days. Especially the ones that fight back and expose the perpetrators.

I realize that some of these people have been doing this for many years and we are attacking their livelihood, they are mounting a serious offense against of defamation, I can only assume they are hiring someone smarter than themselves to disrupt our flow of information to the public and to stops us. It seems they Do not want "Their Dirty Little Secret" from getting out.

There are some lawyers involved that really dislike our coverage of guardian ships and want us off the air. Whether they can persuade the judge to shut us down under contempt charges, remains to be seen.

I am also getting threats, many threats and intimidation, we must really be a threat to them, they hide under a mantle of deception and can not stand scrutiny and when exposed by facts they scatter under the cover of darkness, they fight back by intimidation, coercion , deceit, lies because they just can not fight on a level playing field , and resort to trickery because that they only way they can score points with our legal system.

We will continue to expose abusers for what they are , blaming other people for what it is that they so well do.

"You can fool some of the people some of the time, But you can't fool all the people all of the time!"

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