Monday, October 15, 2007

A Letter from "Clara's Guardian" - Mr. Robert Tischenkel

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Mr. Tischenkel, I and Clara's family members are very disturbed by your letter.

Considering we have been taking care of Clara living below the poverty level and ignoring our own needs in order to provide for Clara, you, Mr. Tischenkel, have the gull to decide how Clara should spend her own money on her own needs.

Oh, but honestly, could you Mr. Tischenkel, live on the $568.00 that you have just sent from Clara's account to us to take care of her?? I would love to know how you came up with that amount. You say I haven't given you the actual bills to base your decisions, but you have been given all of the necessary documents and monthly/yearly expenses, so why the $568.00?

Perhaps you want to ensure that there is enough in Clara's account to be able to pay yourself for what we her family members have been doing for free for well over 7 years! It is just not justified in any sense of the meaning that you were appointed guardian to Clara when she already had us, her family, caring for her and it was costly enough and we were counting pennies, now, you enter the scene and take more than 3/4 of Clara's Social Security funds.

The readers of E.A. are writing us daily wanting to know how you, Mr. Tischenkel, can justify with-holding Clara's money to keep her alive!

Mr. Tischenkel has been exempted from guardian educational requirements.

This check represents a fraction of the money needed to run the household , to arbitrarily cut all of Clara's expenses in half isn't right nor practical, we will have to make other living arrangements and we really resent this intrusion into our private lives and the dispensing of our relatives own money with an eyedropper, forcing us to make decisions and changes in our lives, that will forever affect the quality of time that we have left to be with our loved ones.


Anonymous said...

I am sure your family has gone through a great deal. However, I know Mr. Tischenkel both professionally and personally and can attest to his high ethical standards. I sincerely hope that you've attempted to remedy the situation via proper correspondence with the guardian and providing the requested documentation. Please understand that Mr. Tischenkel can only provide an amount that is properly documented as necessary for your relative's care.

Ray said...

Thank you very much for ackowledging that what Clara, Dr. Fernandez, myself and my family has gone through no body should have to go experience.

I would have a lot more respect for Mr. Tischenkel if he would have told the Judge the truth, " Your Honor I have interview friends,neighbors and family and Clara is doing fine in Ray's care, I have spoken with the DCF and they have investigated Ray many times and found nothing wrong in his care of his parents, I don't think that the continuing need for a guardianship would be appropriate in this case" your honor!
Instead he mis represented to the court that Ray was using Clara's social security income for his own use. This constitutes "Fraud On the Court" and should be frowned upon.