Monday, October 22, 2007

Ronda Storms Votes Against Education Cuts

by pushing rope

The Florida legislature cut $114-million from state-run universities and community colleges. The legislature played the tax shift shuffle by increasing undergraduate in-state tuition by 5 percent. The House voted 95-17. The Senate voted 31-2. Ronda Storms voted against the education cuts. Her reasoning was on-the-mark.

"I have serious reservations about moving education out of the reach of our citizens, and I think that's what we're doing," Storms said. Crist was previously adamant about vetoing tuition increases. He now says a veto is unlikely. What he actually means is that Florida is facing a deficit a deficit and screwing students is the best political option. His staffers properly tell him those crazy kids spend too much time on Myspace and Facebook to be bothered to go out and vote.

If Crist really wanted revenue he would end the tax loopholes. Taxing skyboxes could generate nearly a billion dollars. It is not profitable or in local government's interest to help sports franchises. Wayne Garcia's article on how the Tampa Sports Authority is losing money operating Raymond James Stadium is a good place for people to educate themselves on government/sports economics.

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