Thursday, October 4, 2007


•Unusual or inappropriate activity in bank accounts.

Power of attorney given or recent changes of will when the person is incapable of making such decisions.

• Numerous unpaid bills, overdue rent, when someone is suppose to be paying the bills for a dependent elder.

• Placement in numerous nursing homes or residential care facilities which does not commensurate with alleged size of the estate.

• Lack of amenities, such as TV, personal grooming items, appropriate clothing, that the elders estate can well afford.

• Checks signed in handwriting not resembling older person's or signed when older person cannot write.

• The Elders missing personal belongings such as art, silverware or jewelry.

Deliberate isolation of an older adult which results in the caregiver having total control.

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"ward to be on a string being pulled from one county to another" - Judge Von Hoff August 30, 2005


Now this is on record folks, just how Clara was treated when removed from her house by The Social Worker and Mr. William Hart, under NO known mandate/authorization/reason/POA other than to take over her CD's, Bonds Accounts, Stock Accounts, Savings, and transfer her real estate over to them by way of Quit Claim Deeds.

Now that Clara has been returned to her home she continues to be terrorized by the so-called Justice System.

Hasn't she being through enough?

Why are so many people interested in carving up her estate?

Can't she let live out the rest of her natural life in peace?

Should she be taken away from her close family members to an uncertain future and returned to the very same people who took her from nursing home to nursing home?

Can Elder Justice really be that blind ?

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