Thursday, October 25, 2007

Attempts to Hold Editor of E.A. for Contempt Charges On Friday, October 26th, 2007 in Honorable Judge David J. Audlin Jr. Unfounded!

The hearing will be held on Friday ,October 26, 2007 at The Honorable Circuit Judge David J. Audlin Jr. Court on 502 Whitehead Street 33040 on the 4th Floor at 9:30 AM .

Clara G. Fernandez has waited a VERY long time to get "her day in court", this is not about us, or about a family feud, this is all about Clara, and Clara's family, which believes Clara was held against her will, abused, and that her money and personal items was unapproprietly taken from her while she was sick, frail and under undo stress.

To take the attention away from such pressing issues by confusing the issues with conclusory statements that are "long on opinion and short on substance", is wrong!

Clara does not do well in nursing homes, not many elders do, (Last time Clara was separated from us, her family members, she was put in 5 nursing homes), according to Medicare records. While Clara was in the Key West Convelesent Center in Key West, she only ate with much cuing and was on 5x day insuling shots.

Since being home, Clara is bright, articulate, and she is now off the insulin shots due to proper dietary practices administered by her care-givers/her family. Clara keeps a very busy daily regiment as she prefers, and is always accompanied by family members and close friends that she is very deeply attached to.

In the beginning when Clara was returned to her family home and family members, we took her for an examination by her Doctors, they in turn diagnosed Clara as having P.S.S. (Post Stress Syndrome.)

Now the whole family is stressed out because of the situation created by the uncertainty created by Clara's guardianship which is the most restrictive means of governing an elder, even when allegations of "Elder Abuse" could never be substantiated agaisnt her present caregivers.

Copies of the Wards assets have been posted here on this blog-site prompting an investigation for 11 months now. Credible sources have tried to tell the authorities about Widows Quit Claim Deed Parties , disclosing all of Clara's assets, bonds, accounts, stock accounts, certificate of deposits, and real estate that was taken from her while she was drugged with the help of the little black bag.

Paragraph 7,
States that the "Wards" assets are at a substantial risk from myself, again, nothing to substatiate such a charge or statement, it is a shame that unproven and defamatory statements like this are allowed to take the attention from the real issues facing Clara's life today.

Clara's caregivers have been cleared numerous times by the DCF, cleared from the numerous complaints filed by the very same people who abused, robbed and incapacitated Clara, and in every incident the DCF found those complaints to be without base.
This is called a conclusory statement , again, these are statements that "long on conclusions and short on supporting evidence."
The guardian's attorney tells the court and the court then mirrors that misinformation as "factual evidence." - This is scary stuff indeed!

Paragraph 12,
States as fact, that I called or filed a complaint with the DCF and it was being submitted to the court as evidence. This in itself is a serious offense according to the Florida Bar Association.
"Whoever called in the DCF complaint did so after seeing that Clara was having to eat cheap TV dinners because her care-givers had not been given enough money by Clara's court appointed guardian to cover her groceries, and to add insult to injury, the guardian kept insisting that Clara's caregivers pay rent to stay in her home while taking care of Clara."
Elder care is more costly than child care and it also takes several abled bodied persons to physically lift and maneuver an elderly person once they are totally incapacitated.
Paragraph 16,
The attorney is now acting a psychiatrist and enters evidence to court that the 'Ward' is "scared by me," this is a very serious accusation and the Ward's family and friends would like to know what evidence the guardian's attorney has base this on?

Paragraph 21, Now the 'Ward' tells any ones who listens that she feels " Very Well" being with us. This is a factual statement backed by all DCF interviews, however, truth is falling by the wayside and Clara's real life issues are not being properly addressed.

Paragraph 23,
States, "I forced the guardian to consult with an attorney regarding a DCF a complaint against him that I did not file." - This type of craziness is what the 'Ward' Clara G. Fernandez is being charged up to $650.00 per hour for. An expense that no elder would tolerate nor approve of.

Paragraph 13, Is a serious misrepresentation! It is an established fact, that prior to the guardianship established on June 8Th, 2007, all of the Ward's bills were paid and kept up to date and this had been documented and presented to the court during the "Hearing to determine Continuing Need for a Guardian." -- Yes,.....Copies of all the paid bills were introduced as evidence to the court.

In an effort to discredit Clara's legally appointed caregivers, the guardian's attorney and the guardian both decided that the guardian should resign immediately from the case rather than discredit themselves.

In paragraph 8.-
"I now have imaginary step children that I did not know that had, and that I support these imaginary step children with the imaginary money that I supposedly maxed out of the Ward's credit line."
--"How crazy can this toxic spectacle become before the world?"
Doesn't it give you readers of E.A. a warm fuzzy feeling just knowing that when you get old and incapacitated this could very well happen to you?
And if you ever become a care giver for your family member, Remember, "Anyone can file an Elder Abuse complaint against you as a care giver,....even if it's unfounded!" -Considered yourself warned as well as educated on the existing situation with the system that was developed and set into place to protect and serve elders and their care givers.

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